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    Daily iPad App: TurnPlay lets you play with vinyl records on your iPad


    If you love vinyl and can't get your hands on a working turntable, then the next best thing is the TurnPlay app from Ramotion. The iPad app has rich graphics that simulate the look and feel of a vintage record player. TurnPlay brings me back to my childhood when I used to sneak into my older sister's room and listen to her Earth, Wind and Fire 45s.

    The premise behind TurnPlay is simple -- the app allows you to select a song from your music library and play it on a virtual record player. There's a tone arm with a virtual needle that you can drop anywhere within the track and a knob that turns the player on and off. There's even a speed adjustment that lets you slow down or speed up the track and a scratch feature for you hip-hop DJs.

    When you load a track from your music library, TurnPlay also imports the album art, which was a big part of the vinyl record experience. You can import one track at a time and the track must be stored locally on your device. Like most third-party music apps, TurnPlay doesn't work with iTunes Match or any other third-party cloud music services.

    You can download TurnPlay from the iOS App Store for US$1.99.

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