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Devjuice: TraductoPro offers human-powered localization and translation


TraductoPro offers an app-based translation bureau for developers struggling to internationalize their applications. With it, you can translate Xcode projects and app metadata as well as press releases and other documents.

Importantly, your app does not already need to be set up to use localization macros. The TraductoPro application will scan your Xcode project and import all Objective-C strings it finds.

You review the strings, select the ones to be subject to localization and then update your project to automatically insert macros. For example, if you start with the following code:

Devjuice TraductoPro offers humanpowered localization and translation

After macro insertion, you end up with:

Devjuice TraductoPro offers humanpowered localization and translation

From there, you select from the available languages, add them to your cart and check out. You can choose from Standard (native speaker), Professional (professional translator) and Enterprise services (professional translator plus proofing by a separate translator).

Devjuice TraductoPro offers humanpowered localization and translation

The app alone, which offers Xcode project import and localization macro insertion, costs US$50. Pricing is provided dynamically by the server, and starts at $0.10 a word, and the minimum project cost starts at $10.

Based on the volume of the job and the level of service, the price goes up from there. Most jobs turn around in about four to 12 hours. Turnaround for Enterprise service is slightly higher as two translators are involved.

The translations you purchase for each project remain associated with your account. If you issue future updates, you're quoted only on the incremental changes you've have made. You need not re-translate the entire project. Be aware, however, that translations are not shared between projects. Your "Done" button translation will be charged for each project you submit.

When your translation has completed, you receive an update by email. Return to the app and you click Export to sync those changes back to the .lproj and .strings files in the project.

TraductoPro also enables you to purchase document translation (for press releases, email marketing and other general use situations) and App Store metadata-specific translations (including keywords and descriptions). These translation tasks price out at the same $0.10 per word and offer the same levels of translator selection.

DNP Devjuice TraductoPro offers humanpowered localization and translation

You can download a copy of TraductoPro directly from the vendor or purchase via the Mac App Store. Be aware that the App Store version does not offer in-app translation orders, which can be a pain, for but it's being offered right now for a rather sweet special ($20 for Christmas, normally $100).

If you'd rather pick up the more convenient dev-supplied version, TUAW readers can apply the discount code TUAW to match that $20 price during Christmas.

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