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Snail addresses Age of Wushu brouhaha, Elite mounts to stay

Jef Reahard

Yesterday we reported on a significant brouhaha in the Age of Wushu pre-release community. Snail Games has since posted a lengthy message on its forums in response. There were two major points of contention from a customer perspective. First was the removal of a permanent mount from AoW Elite packages. "We will be giving all Elite package members the permanent mount that we promised," the company says. "In fact, it should be sent to all Elite package accounts by the time you read this."

The other major issue stemmed from the fact that Elite edition customers didn't know that their pre-order bonus items were only good for the first character on the account. Snail says that, as of now at least, that restriction will remain due to technical issues.
Age of Wushu was never made for players to have more than one character or for players to delete the character they decided to make. We had brought it up before and did not (at the time) see the need in specifying that if you get the items on a character and delete that character, those items are gone.

VIP status does stay but any items gained during the character's life or anything done with that character does not carry over. Many of you see this as an easy fix. However, the goods that were included in the packages are tangible items and not account-bound. Because of this, there is no easy fix. We are currently discussing what can be done, if anything.
[Thanks to Adam for the tip!]

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