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Fruit Ninja Kinect gets the chop in today's Xbox Live Countdown to 2013 deal


Tapping in to that long-held Yuletide tradition of throwing fruit around and trying to slice it mid-air, Fruit Ninja Kinect and its add-ons are splattered all over Xbox Live's Countdown to 2013 Xmas Day sale. Halfbrick's produce-pruner has its price chopped in half today to 400 MSP, while its four DLC packs - namely 8-bit Cartridge, Art Box, Space Capsule, and Storm Season - are down by 50 percent to 80 MSP each.

Four other games also got price cuts in their stockings today. Carrying on the Kinect-ified ninja theme, Mini Ninjas Adventures is 50 percent off at 400 MSP. Also discounted on this merriest of days are Rock of Ages (75 percent off at 200 MSP), Hydro Thunder (67 percent off at 400 MSP), and another Kinect game in Leedmees (75 percent off at 200 MSP).

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