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Big TERA content update in the works, game going F2P in Korea and Japan

Jef Reahard

NHN is reportedly taking steps to convert the Korean and Japanese versions of TERA to a free-to-play business model. MMO Culture says that TERA Korea will be F2P as of January 10th, while TERA Japan will finish its changeover in mid-February.

Free accounts will be restricted to three or four character slots depending on the region as well as longer dungeon cool-down times. Characters will be allowed 72 storage slots.

TERA is also getting a major content update in the near future. The patch includes a revamped political system, "content centered around guilds and the community," large-scale PvP events, sieges and airships, and new dungeons. NHN has released a story-focused teaser video for the update which you can view after the cut (there are no subtitles). Thus far En Masse has not commented on any business model changes for the American client.

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