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Breakfast Topic: So, did you score any Warcraft gifts?

Anne Stickney

I hope everyone had a nice holiday -- don't forget to pick up your annual Winter's Veil gift from under the tree! My day was a house full of people, a perfectly lovely dinner, and a gathering of opening gifts that quickly dissolved into a tissue-paper snowball fight. Good times were had all around, and then all of that was followed up by watching the latest Doctor Who Christmas special.

While my family knows that I write about World of Warcraft, I don't really get Warcraft-themed gifts -- by and large because I think they assume I have just about everything I could want. Usually it's the friends that know both myself and the game really, really well that give gifts along those lines. This year I got a couple of the WoW TCG pets that I was missing from a friend of mine, and I gave them a few that they were missing from their collection.

How did you spend your holiday? Did you find any cool Warcraft gifts under the tree? Did you get any in game presents from friends or fellow guildies? Did your guild do anything really amazing for the holiday? Did the RNG gods bless you with a particularly elusive drop? Let's hear it!

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