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PSN Store update: Retro City Rampage free for Plus, Munch's Oddysee HD


The latest PSN update is now live, and there are some notable additions for PS Plus members and regular users alike. Plus users get to add the excellent Retro City Rampage to their instant game collection. Munch's Oddysee HD also arrives on PSN this week, bringing the one-time Xbox exclusive to the PlayStation 3. The Vita version is slated to arrive next year.

The Holiday Essentials sale continues as well, with a hefty batch of discounted games up for grabs. Highlights include Journey or Papo & Yo for $10.49 ($7.35 on PS Plus), Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on Vita for $24.99 ($17.14 on Plus) and Starhawk for 27.99 ($19.60 on Plus). Meanwhile, Resident Evil 6 has seen its price permanently dropped from $60 to $40. Head over to PlayStation Blog for the full rundown.

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