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A look at Apple's security efforts in 2012


Digital security is a topic that always seems to grow in importance, and with each wave of new Apple hardware, security sleuths go back to work examining what new exploits exist and what old holes have been patched up. Rich Mogull of TidBITS recently took an exhaustive look at Apple's 2012 security changes, and overall, it appears the company is indeed on the right track.

"Apple's security is, across the board, stronger now than at any time in the nearly eight years I've been researching and writing about the company's products and services," writes the veteran security analyst. Mogull goes on to praise the addition of Gatekeeper in the latest OS X iteration, as well as iOS 6's ability to hold off most proper (read: untethered) jailbreaking efforts.

However, Mogull is quick to note that no form of digital security is foolproof, and things have a habit of changing rather rapidly in the world of digital privacy. Still, the outlook -- at least in terms of Apple's efforts -- is good, and as long as Apple doesn't fall asleep at the wheel, Mac and iOS users appear to be in capable hands. You can read the full rundown on TidBITS.

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