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Borderlands series sale bombards Xbox Live today


"Game of the Year" contender Borderlands 2 is blasting off 33 percent of its Games on Demand price today, the game going for $39.99 as part of Xbox Live's Countdown to 2013 sale. Today's deal also has the Season Pass for Gearbox's shooter sequel down by 25 percent at 1800 MSP, while the original Borderlands takes a half-price tumble to $9.99.

Last week Gearbox revealed the third Borderlands 2 DLC campaign, Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt, is due on January 15. If you've been thinking about getting the Season Pass then now's a good time to get on board, because today's discount means you'd get the four DLC campaigns it grants access to, including Big Game Hunt, for almost half the price of buying them separately on Xbox Live.

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