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City of Steam fans treated to dev humiliation video for reaching goal

MJ Guthrie

Whether it was out of love for the game or just a wicked sense of humor, City of Steam fans banded together and supported the steampunk browser game enough to earn their first special dev humiliation reward on the Steam-o-Meter. So what type of public humiliation were the devs subjected to? How about FemGab and AndrewYunk starring in a live-action trailer of the beta itself!

Check out the humorous -- yet eerily accurate -- depictions of character creation, the tutorial, looting, and PvP in the video after the break! And if you want to see how well the devs have lived this humiliation down, then tune in to Massively TV this Friday, December 28th, at 9:00 p.m. EST for a dev-filled stream spectacular.

[Source: Mechanist Games press release]

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