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    Daily iPad App: Infinite Refrigerator stores your child's refrigerator art


    Children love to hang their drawings on the refrigerator, but it's impossible to keep their creations for any length of time. Parents looking for a permanent storage solution for their children's artwork should take a look at Infinite Refrigerator from Sharp Talon Software.

    Infinite Refrigerator is a photo gallery app that uses a cartoonish kitchen with a refrigerator as its canvas. Parents can choose a brightly colored refrigerator and pin photos to the front of the virtual appliance. Each picture can have a caption and an audio commentary so you can remember details about the drawing.

    You can easily fit about nine to 10 photos per refrigerator without overlapping. The app lets you overlap the images or even resize them if you want to fit more or less pictures on the appliance. Parents with more than one child can create multiple refrigerators and name them in a manner that'll help you remember their content. When a refrigerator is full, you can export it to your camera roll, print it or share it via Twitter, MMS or email.

    The refrigerator is set in a small kitchen with a countertop blender that blends, a fan that turns on and a toaster, Fortune Toast, that dispenses words of wisdom. The kitchen also features a picture frame and a calendar that you can customize with different pictures each month. There's also a place to drop encouraging notes.

    Infinite Refrigerator is perfect for anyone with younger children. It does a great job storing your photos and its theme is whimsical and fun. The iPad app is available for free from the iOS App Store. The free app lets you create multiple refrigerators, but only allows you to select the Glacier Blue model. If you want additional colors, you have to pay US$1.99 for a five-color bundle. Infinite Refrigerator is compatible with any iPad running iOS 6 or later.

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