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Korean analysts predict Guild Wars 2 expansion in 2013

Eliot Lefebvre

Considering that Guild Wars 2 runs on a similar business model to the original Guild Wars, we suspect it's inevitable that an expansion is in the cards. But when? According to Korean securities firm KDB Daewoo, it seems likely that one will launch within the next year, a tidbit the analysts slipped into a recent report regarding NCsoft's performance for the most recent financial quarter.

The firm notes that Q4 was an excellent quarter for the company, with a big upswing in operational profits mostly credited to Guild Wars 2. The firm goes on to predict that the market in North America and Europe will be the most lucrative for the company, and based on a recent visit to NCsoft's headquarters, the analysts believe there are signs that the game may be due for its first expansion before too long. It's not an official update from ArenaNet, but fans of the game can feel free to start speculating on what the new year will bring.

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