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Breakfast Topic: What's your WoW resolution?


1920x1080. What's yours? No, no, I jest. I'm actually talking about that thing which people inevitably do at this time of year, namely, make resolutions to change their ways in the year going forwards. Over in WRUP, the WoW Insider team spoke about their resolutions, largely outside the game, but that's not our focus in this breakfast topic today.

What I'm wondering is, as the title suggests, what you're resolving to do differently in 2013. Have you been playing or leveling or gearing in a way that you think you ought to change? Are you determined to finally get your hands on a cloud serpent? Or do you want to get ready to buy the farm from that hopeless Yoon fellow, and be rid of him once and for all?

For me, I think I will resolve to be less distracted. Since Mists hit, I've got three characters to 90, one of which is very well geared, one of which is less so, and one of which is really not that sorted. But, instead of gearing up the latter two, I've allowed myself to be distracted by alts. I'm struggling a bit with the gearing model of Mists, it's hard for someone who doesn't really go in for questing, but I'm going to resolve to do better.

How about you? What are your WoW resolutions for 2013?

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