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Gates' children won't own Apple products


Telegraph reports that Melinda Gates, wife of Microsoft's former boss Bill Gates, noted that her kids are still forbidden from owning Apple products in a recent Radio 4 broadcast. It's been known for some time that the Gates children were not allowed to purchase Apple gear such as the iPod, but since Microsoft's own Zune has bit the dust, we thought that might have changed a bit. Not so, according to the latest update.

Not that it's rough to be a child of former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates. Being the offspring of one of the most wealthy individuals in the world isn't exactly a bad hand to be dealt. But to be born into the tech world and yet forbidden to own gadgets like the iPad and iPhone can't be an easy thing to explain to friends. Of course, if last year's rumors that young Jennifer Gates uses an iPhone are true, it looks like the sacred seal may already be broken.

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