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Just in time for New Year's, RunKeeper upgraded to 3.0


Around New Year's Day, many of us desire to do something to make ourselves better. That means resolutions are written (that are usually broken within a few weeks) to eat better, drink less and exercise more. The best app for tracking exercise and sharing it with friends, RunKeeper (free), has just been updated to version 3.0 with a newly streamlined UI and new features.

One thing I've always enjoyed doing while out on RunKeeper-tracked walks is taking photos. Frankly, it's always been a bit of a hassle. Well, the company has enhanced the photo-taking features to make it easier to shoot pictures while on a run or walk and then share the images with friends through Facebook and Twitter without leaving the app.

If you're an Elite member of RunKeeper (US$19.99 per year), another new feature allows you to turn on live activity tracking so friends and family can track you. That's perfect for letting your friends know where you are when you're six hours into your first marathon.

Gallery: RunKeeper 3.0 | 4 Photos

As you can see from the screenshots in the gallery, RunKeeper now has a cleaner design with less text. It's easier to read and to navigate. RunKeeper 3.0 is available for download now on the App Store.

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