PSA: Yahoo Mail Classic shuts down June 3rd

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Sean Buckley
June 2nd, 2013
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PSA: Yahoo Mail Classic shuts down June 3rd

Yahoo's been on a bit of a warpath lately, shuttering old services and streamlining existing ones -- the firm classic email interface, slated to discontinue tomorrow, June 3rd, is the latest to get the axe. We knew this was coming, of course, but its more than a mere visual update: users who choose to upgrade to the new interface will have to agree to Yahoo's updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Yahoo's own help documentation points out why this matters, explaining that the new ToS includes "the acceptance of automated content scanning and analyzing of your communications content, which Yahoo users to deliver product features, relevant advertising and abuse protection."

Nothing new for Gmail users, but a change worth consideration. The company says users can opt out of contextual advertising or otherwise dodge it with a desktop email client, but will still need to accept the new ToS to continue using Yahoo Mail. Mostly par for the course, but if you're concerned about privacy, you can read up on the changes for yourself at the attached source link.

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