Engadget Podcast 347 - 06.07.13

Joe Pollicino
J. Pollicino|06.07.13

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Engadget Podcast 347 - 06.07.13

Yay! Tim, Brian and Peter finally made it into the office "studio" again for a properly produced podcast. This week we kept things short so Brian could catch a flight, but also took care to elaborate on the earth shaking at Computex and put forth our speculations for WWDC and E3. As always, our video recording is after the break and you'll find the audio streamable below.

Hosts: Tim Stevens, Peter Rojas, Brian Heater

Producer: Joe Pollicino

Hear the podcast:

00:01:41 - Engadget Expand is coming to New York City in November, and you're all invited
00:04:21- Engadget + gdgt meetup
00:16:33 - Obama administration announces initiative to target patent trolls, protect consumers
00:40:04 - WWDC 2013: the rumor roundup
00:48:50 - E3 preview


00:06:31 - Mozilla inks deal with Foxconn to co-develop Firefox OS devices, shows off its first-ever tablet
00:11:07 - ASUS FonePad Note hands-on at Computex 2013 (video)
00:21:50 - ASUS Transformer Book Trio: a hybrid laptop running Windows and Android (hands-on)
00:22:36 - ASUS launches VivoMouse, a wireless optical mouse with a multi-touch trackpad (video)
00:23:46 - Acer Iconia W3 official: the first 8-inch Windows 8 tablet launches this month for $379 (hands-on)
00:26:33 - Acer announces the Liquid S1: a 5.7-inch smartphone with a near-stock Android experience (hands-on)
00:27:52 - ASUS Transformer Infinity
>00:28:29 - Dell XPS 11
00:29:11 - MSI's Primo 81 is a 7.85-inch tablet with the same display as the iPad mini (hands-on)
00:30:39 - ASUS 31.5 & 39-inch 4K monitors
00:31:04 - ASUS touchscreen monitors
00:31:20 - Sharp & Fujitsu 3,200 x 1,800 laptop displays
00:32:51 - Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active official: water resistant, LTE-capable, coming to the US and Europe this summer
00:36:04 - Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8- and 10.1-inch versions to launch worldwide early June

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