Yahoo's spending spree continues: conference call and photo apps, Sky News streaming deal

Yahoos spending spree continues video chat, photo app buys and Sky News streaming deals

After blowing $1.1 billion on Tumblr, we'd assumed that Yahoo would need a lie down in a darkened room while its accountants hunted around for more cash. Turns out that it was just the first in a raft of new deals, including several that the company has made in the last week. First up, the search firm has splashed out on free conference-calling service Rondee, which has been folded into Yahoo's small business team. Then there's GhostBird software, makers of iOS photography apps KitCam and PhotoForge, which will now be folded into Flickr's mobile offerings. Finally, Yahoo has signed up with the UK's Sky News to broadcast morning show Sunrise online, as well as the main Sky News feed during breaking news events. There's no word on how much this spending spree has cost, so we'll keep an ear out for any anguished screams emanating out of 701 1st Ave., Sunnyvale.