Nokia will pay you up to $300 to trade an old phone for a Lumia

DNP Nokia tradeup in the US

Nokia's Lumia phones show promise despite the company's dwindling overall sales, and now's your chance to nab one at more affordable prices -- if you're willing to trade in an old phone, that is. The Finnish company's new trade up program in the US will take in old mobile devices and send back up to $300 loaded on a Visa prepaid card, so long as you also purchase a Lumia. A lot of brands and models are accepted (check out if yours is via the trade up portal linked below), but popular ones like the iPhone 4S, the Galaxy S 4, and the HTC One will net you the most money. So, if you're sick of being lost in a crowd of Androids and iPhones, now's the time to give WP8 a whirl.