AT&T lowers Next device pricing, just happens to trump Verizon

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Competition can be a beautiful thing. AT&T's Next upgrade pricing hasn't looked good when compared against Verizon Edge in the weeks since launch, but today is a different story: the carrier has quietly lowered the monthly payments for some devices. While the company hasn't said which hardware is cheaper, the Galaxy S 4 and iPhone 5 have dropped from $32.50 per month to $27. Prices are down for BlackBerry and Nokia devices as well, a tipster says. As MacRumors notes, the bargains are rather convenient. While AT&T isn't offering as good a deal as T-Mobile, a 16GB iPhone 5 now costs $1 less through one year of Next payments than it does with a similar Verizon Edge plan. You'll want to act soon if you like what you see, too. AT&T tells us that this is a promotion; although there's no firm end date for the discounts, we wouldn't count on these rates lasting forever.

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