Samsung faces Brazilian government lawsuit over poor working conditions

DNP Samsung faces labor violation charges in Brazil

While Apple and Samsung do have their differences, they unfortunately share at least one similarity: labor violation allegations. The latter now faces yet another labor-related charge, not about its Chinese factories, but one in Brazil. According to Reporter Brasil, Brazil's Ministry of Labor has filed a lawsuit against the Korean company for poor working conditions in a smartphone assembly plant located in Zona Franca de Manaus. Accusations include excessive work hours without rest, few chairs to sit on and a plethora of health problems ranging from bad backs to tendonitis. As a result, 2,018 requests for withdrawal have been filed, which is almost half that of the factory's 5,600 employees. The government is seeking around 250 million reais (roughly $110 million) to compensate workers. In a statement to the Brazilian publication, Samsung says it will cooperate fully with authorities and have pledged to ensure "the highest industry standards regarding safety, health and well-being."