Oppo N1 will have a Snapdragon 800 to go with its swappable camera system (Update: not the N1)

Oppo N1 flashes its Snapdragon 800 as exec leaks logic board pic

Oppo's N1 smartphone has been sitting on our watch list ever since we first got wind of its strange N-Lens camera add-ons, which will apparently offer a choice of zooms up to 15x. Now we can flesh out another key spec: the Chinese handset will run on Qualcomm's Snapdragon 800 processor, which should more than cope with its equally unusual dual touch inputs and possibly help it to rival other imaging-centric Androids like the Galaxy S4 Zoom and Sony's upcoming Honami. The HSPA+ Snapdragon processor (MSM8274) was shown on a photo of the N1's internals that was "leaked" by an Oppo marketing staffer on Sina Weibo -- and unless we're horribly, horribly mistaken, the photo also seems to show a microSD slot to store all those optically stabilized, 16-megapixel images. Barring other significant pseudo-leaks, you can expect the next big N1 update on September 23rd.

Update: Oops! Oppo just reached out to us to say that the N1 doesn't actually use the Snapdragon 800. Looking back at the original Sina Weibo post, the leakster only said "large screen, flagship" and not "N1," so perhaps this is actually the rumoured Find 7 instead?