Not So Massively: Elite dev diary, Garen revamp, and SMITE adds Mercury

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Not So Massively: Elite dev diary, Garen revamp, and SMITE adds Mercury
Not So Massively Elite dev diary, Garen revamp, and SMITE adds Mercury
David Braben talked us through the impressive Elite: Dangerous trailer and showed how putting the trailer together has helped development considerably. Star Citizen showed concept art for its in-station MobiGlas user interface, and the game's crowdfunding total is about to cross the $21m mark.

Blizzard responded to reports of item duplication and hacking on the console versions of Diablo III and admitted that it is working on a way to let players move from one act to another via the waypoint system. And Path of Exile announced that it will officially launch on October 23rd in a large update that includes a new Steam release.

Competitive League of Legends team SK Telecom 1 battled its way to the million-dollar top prize at this year's League of Legends World Championship, and the tournament's end signals the release of Patch 3.12. Third-person MOBA SMITE added new speed-based assassin character Mercury, Messenger of The Gods, to its growing pantheon. And Russian MOBA Prime World officially launched on Steam this week and released a spotlight on its new blood-drinking characters Vampire and Dahaka.

Elite: Dangerous title image
If you haven't seen the recently released Elite: Dangerous trailer, head over to YouTube and check it out before watching the game's latest dev diary. In the sixth diary, developer David Braben confirmed that almost all of the trailer was recorded in the game engine and went on to explain why making the trailer was very important for the game's development. As the ships in the scene were pre-programmed to fly along specific paths, for example, things like explosions and weapons fire could be tested repeatedly in a controlled environment.

Star Citizen title image
Star Citizen showed off some nice concept art for its in-station MobiGlas user interface. It's all fine and well having a UI projected onto the cockpit window in your spaceship, but doing the same for first-person gamepay could be immersion-breaking. To solve this issue, developers propose to add a togglable wrist-mounted holographic projector called MobiGlas that will overlay data like player names onto the game scene.

The crowdfunding total for Star Citizen has almost crossed the $21 million US barrier that officially marks the game as fully funded. Though developers plan to continue adding new features after this milestone is hit, reaching $21 million officially gives them the budget to complete the game.

Diablo III title image
Diablo III players on the PS3 and XBox 360 have been reporting incidences of hacking, modding and item duplication in the game's online portion. A Blizzard representative responded by clarifying that the company isn't worried about character or item duplication on consoles and hopes that people will enjoy the experience enough that they don't feel the need to cheat. We also learned this week that developers are working on a way to link all of the existing acts together to let players teleport between two waypoints from different acts.

Path of Exile title image
Grinding Gear Games went on a press tour this week to celebrate Path of Exile's upcoming transition into release. The free-to-play dungeon crawler has been in open beta since January of this year and will officially launch on October 23rd with a huge game update and full Steam release. The update will include a new prestige class called the Scion that has to be unlocked by finding a character locked in a cage somewhere in the game world. This class starts in the center of the skill tree and so isn't as specialised as the other classes.

The release patch will also include three new zones at the end of Act III to finish the storyline, a new shrine mechanic for Domination leagues, and integration. The future for the game includes new guild features and a capture the flag game PvP mode. News of the upcoming release came alongside the official launch trailer, which has been receiving mixed reviews from fans. Some appear to love the trailer, while others have said that it's not as good as the open beta trailer and that it might not attract many new players.

League of Legends title image
Korean team SK Telecom 1 faced off against Chinese champions Royal Club Huang Zu this week in the grand final of the League of Legends World Championship. SK Telecom 1 dominated all three games for a convincing win, walking away with the million dollar top prize and the Season Three World Championship cup.

All of the balance changes Riot Games had been saving until after the tournament arrived in the massive 3.12 patch. The patch also included a visual revamp for popular melee fighter Garen, which is shown off in his new champion spotlight video.

SMITE title image
This week saw the release of Mercury, Messenger of The Gods, as a playable character in third-person MOBA SMITE. Mercury is a melee physical assassin whose abilities all center around speeding across the map and dealing massive damage in one or two hits. He gains a physical attack damage boost from items that grant movement speed, and his passive ability grants him bonus damage on each strike based on the distance he moved before executing it. His Maximum Velocity ability also lets him ignore roots and slow effects for a short duration while increasing his attack speed.

His main damage-dealing ability causes him to lunge forward several feet and back again the blink of an eye and hit every enemy in the target area of effect. He can also use his Special Delivery ability to execute a similar forward dash that grabs and tosses the first enemy god encountered. Mercury's ultimate ability, Sonic Boom, charges up and then launches Mercury forward faster than the speed of sound, stunning and damaging all enemies struck.

Prime World title image
Prime World officially launched on Steam this week and celebrated with a series of giveaways offering microtransaction gold to lucky players. Developers also released a spotlight post on their latest characters, Vampire and Dahaka, who share the same abilities and use health to cast spells rather than energy.

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