Not So Massively: Star Citizen design contest, Samuel L Jackson announcer pack, and LoL releases Jinx

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Not So Massively: Star Citizen design contest, Samuel L Jackson announcer pack, and LoL releases Jinx
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Star Citizen smashed its $21 and $22 million stretch goals this week, adding the salvaging profession to the game and a facial capture system to the developer's toolbox. The Next Great Starship design contest was also launched this week, offering players the chance to get their ship design featured in the game and win a prize of $30,000.

Datamining from the latest Diablo III test build shows that the previously considered stat caps may no longer be added in the Reaper of Souls expansion, lifesteal may be nerfed, and a new difficulty mode called Torment could be on its way. Path of Exile revealed that two new four-month-long challenge leagues will start when the game officially launches on October 23rd, and developers answered over 100 questions from fans.

League of Legends players on the EU West servers have started a petition demanding compensation for recent server trouble, and new champion Jinx was released this week. SMITE raised over $12,000 for charity with a recent event and overhauled character Hel, the goddess of the underworld. Heroes of Newerth got a new announcer pack voiced by none other than Samuel L. Jackson, and developers on mobile game Dungeon Defenders II have dropped its competitive MOBA element in favour of creating a true sequel to the original game.
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It was about 1 p.m. at the Staples Center on Friday, and there was already a crowd. Five hours later, the mass of people would swell to many times the size, as security officers struggled to cram people into the building.
Diablo III polls players about expansion prices
Was there ever an innocent survey that didn't harbor dark agendas and terrible secrets? We're inclined to think "no," so a recent email survey of Diablo III players by Blizzard has raised a few eyebrows around these here parts.
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Do you remember the phrase "The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades"? Well, in the land of Elite: Dangerous, the future's so bright players get to wear Oculus Rift.
Star Citizen unleashes the Next Great Starship design contest
So you've already pledged your Kickstarter funds, but now you want to be even more involved in the development of Star Citizen. What's a fan to do? Luckily, Cloud Imperium Games has announced a new competition that gives any potential player the chance to design, model, and rig Star Citizen's next spaceship.
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Prime World devs tackle gender issues, hero prices
The folks over at Nival have posted a quick dev diary that addresses some of the biggest player concerns with its still-in-beta MOBA, Prime World. The studio wants players to know that matchmaking is being refined, an EU server should solve European lag issues, a report system is on the way, and hero prices are under review (though the team seems generally happy with them).

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It's been a stellar week for Star Citizen (pardon the pun) as the game smashed both the $21 million and $22 million stretch goals. This unlocks the salvaging career and a facial capture system that will help create realistic characters and let developers put select fans into the game. The $23 million milestone unlocks a new scout ship class; $24 million will allow developers to create a galactic public transportation system. That system will let players travel from solar systems without their ships and even move items and ships to new locations.

Developers also released a huge new modding competition calling for players to design The Next Great Starship to be added to Star Citizen. Fans have already started pumping out their own 3-D ship models to be showcased in the Wingman's Hangar video dev diary, but now they'll have a chance to get their work featured in the finished game. As if that weren't enough incentive, those selected as finalists for the competition will face off in a series of challenges, and the winner will take home $30,000 in cash.

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Datamining from the latest beta build of Diablo III's upcoming expansion continues to reveal potential information on what will be in the expansion. The stat caps that caused a lot of speculation on itemisation changes have now been removed from the data files, so stats like attack speed and critical hit damage may not be capped in the expansion as previously thought.

New achievements make reference to a new Torment difficulty, which may be a whole new difficulty setting unlocked with the expansion or simply a renaming of Hell or Inferno. New tooltips indicate that Blizzard may be planning to nerf lifesteal above level 60 and disable it entirely at level 70.

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Grinding Gear Games answered over 100 questions on Path of Exile this week on topics ranging from grouping and microtransactions to its upcoming steam release. When the game officially goes live on October 23rd, the new Domination and Nemesis leagues will be launched. These leagues are each four months long and come with a set of difficult challenges, which developers promise there'll be some tasty rewards for completing. Only 61 players managed to complete all the challenges in the previous Anarchy and Onslaught leagues. The launch patch will also introduce new PvP game modes, guilds, new skill gems, and tons of more content.

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If you play on League of Legends' EU West servers, you've probably noticed some disruption to the service over the past month, including long login queues at peak times and even periods of unexpected downtime. A petition demanding compensation for the outages has already reached over 50,000 signatures, and Riot Games has launched an investigation into the server problems. Developers made some changes to the network infrastructure yesterday to help discover the root cause of the problem, and early reports are promising.

This week also saw the release of explosive new character Jinx, the loose Cannon. This insane champion is a ranged damage-dealer and was released with her own music video. Jinx can switch between her minigun and rocket launcher at will, with the minigun adding a stacking attack speed buff on hit and the rocket launcher dealing splash damage in an area. Hitting an enemy champion shortly before he dies or getting the killing blow will also grant Jinx a rapid burst of speed that decreases over a few seconds, providing a great escape or chasing mechanism. Jinx can also drop exploding flame chomper mines, and her ultimate ability fires a super mega death rocket across the map.

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Heroes of Newerth players absolutely lost their minds on Wednesday when a new announcer pack was released containing lines recorded by Samuel L. Jackson. It's been known for a long time that Jackson is an avid gamer, and the new announcer pack is already proving popular with HoN players. The video below has clips of the audio from the announcer pack and understandably contains some swearing.

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The SMITE community raised just over $12,000 US for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta in its Challenge for Charity event, which saw competitive MOBA teams lock horns in a friendly mini-tournament. The latest game update also gave character Hel a complete visual overhaul and some ability changes. Hel is a ranged support God with the ability to switch between light and dark stances. Switching to light stance grants Hel additional healing, while staying in dark stance boosts magical damage. The stance bonuses take a few seconds to build up after switching to prevent people from rapidly switching mid-combat.

Dungeon Defenders II title image
If you're a fan of tower defense style games, chances are you've played Dungeon Defenders. The game merges elements of tower defense and action RPG gameplay in co-operative multiplayer matches and was initially released for iOS and Android phones back in 2010. It sold over 250,000 copies worldwide in its first two weeks, and developers decided to bring the game to PC and consoles the following year.

Following on from this success, developer Trendy Entertainment announced that the sequel would be a free-to-play MOBA with unlockable heroes and a competitive PvP game mode similar to League of Legends. Trendy Entertainment announced this week that it has made the difficult decision to ditch its MOBA plans for Dungeon Defenders II and instead concentrate on creating a true sequel to the original game. It will still contain the planned co-op PvE gameplay and expanded storyline, but the MOBA game mode has been dropped.

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