Unlocked and SIM-free iPhone 5s now available on Apple's site

You don't have to hold onto hope for that truly unlocked iPhone 5s any longer -- it's now available to buy on Apple's site. To be clear, this version of Apple's Touch ID-imbued flagship comes completely free of any carrier attachment, separating it from the unlocked T-Mobile variant that ships with a Magenta nano-SIM inside. The SIM-free GSM handset, which'll ship within one to two weeks from order, is available in the standard 16GB/32GB/64GB storage and color configurations, so pricing remains the same at $649/$749/$849, respectively. But you'll still need to hitch your data ride to AT&T or T-Mobile for that fancy phone to work in the US. So, the strings... they're still attached. There are just fewer of them now.