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TUAW Year in Review: April 2012


Welcome to TUAW's Year in Review. Month by month, we're running down the top stories of 2012, all day long on New Year's Day.

Five apps to help you file your taxes (updated)

With only a few weeks before taxes are due -- the federal deadline is on April 17, and many states have followed suit -- plenty of Americans are scrambling to file before the clock ticks away....

Developing my first iPhone game: the inside story

Editor's Note: From time to time, TUAW does cover commercial apps developed by our staffers, although it is relatively rare for individuals to write about their own projects (with some notable...

Happy 35th birthday, Apple II

Harry McCracken has a nice write up on the debut, evolution and legacy of the Apple II (or, ][ as I like to call it). The Apple II was unveiled 35 years ago, and it ushered in the home computing...

Can ThinkGeek's April product introductions get any geekier?

Where do they get those wonderful toys? Yes, the mad geniuses at ThinkGeek once again are offering a slate of new products scheduled to go on sale today. If you're an iPad owner, there are some...

Macworld's Jason Snell says what we're all thinking about iTunes

Those of you who remember iTunes when it was new, when it was merely a revamped version of SoundJam MP, will sympathize the most here. iTunes used to be a great tool for playing music and ripping...

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