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Samsung teases Series 7 Chronos refresh with AMD Radeon HD 8870M graphics (video)


Samsung added a 17-inch model to its Series 7 Chronos laptop range last year, and updated the whole family with Ivy Bridge processors, to boot. Barely a breath into 2013, the company is at it again, teasing better hardware in the "new" Series 7. There isn't much information in between the scenes of advanced robotic predators (video embed below), but those snippets mention RAMaccelerator (which promises 50 percent faster app loading), a full HD display, JBL speakers and most importantly, a beefy new AMD Radeon HD 8870M GPU. Since the 17-inch model already has a 1,920 x 1,080 panel and JBL speakers, these could be improvements coming to the 15-inch model, or maybe it's a hint that RAMaccelerator and upgraded graphics are destined for the larger sibling -- we just don't know. As we're merely days away from CES, it's likely we'll get a clearer picture of what's what at the show, but we've also contacted Sammy for clarification in case beans are willing to be spilled beforehand.

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