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Steam Holiday Sale features Awesomenauts, Max Payne and Torchlight


This year's Steam Holiday Sale is winding down, but there's still four more days to practice self-restraint or give into full PC purchasing indulgence.

There's still four hours to grab Deus Ex: Human Revolution for $5. There's also deep discounts on indie favorites The Binding of Isaac and Terraria at $1.49 and $3.39, respectively. Alan Wake's entire very bad vacation is also on sale for $9.99.

As for the deals you'll have a little more time to contemplate: Torchlight, Max Payne, Transformers and Total War franchises are all 50 to 75 percent off. The underappreciated Awesomenauts is $3.39, which is a great 2D arena game if you've got some friends to practice with over the holiday.

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