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Nexus 4 coming to all T-Mobile locations later this month


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Having a hard time getting your hands on the coveted LG-made Nexus 4? Look to your local retailer: word on the street has it that the device is heading to all T-Mobile retail locations later this month. The phone has been available at select locations since November, but an internal document uncovered by TmoNews promises a full rollout for sometime in January -- touting the Nexus 4's 8MP camera, quad-core processor and 4.7-inch display. The notice didn't give a specific availability date, but gave stores the green light to sell the device as soon as they receive inventory. The document is also careful to remind employees that the Nexus 4 can still be had through Google and stresses that devices purchased through Play are not eligible for exchange at T-Mobile stores. Skip on past the break to see T-Mobile's availability expansion notice.

Nexus 4 coming to all TMobile locations later this month

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