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Plex updates arrive for Windows 8 app, web client and media server


The busy developers behind the Plex media server / client system have rung in 2013 with a slew of updates, this time targeting the company's native Windows 8 app, the Plex/Web interface and also the server software itself. On Windows 8, it's added audio/subtitle stream selection, universal search (seen above), some UI tweaks and more. On the web access front it's sporting retina-ready graphics, the ability to upload custom posters and some Flash video player fixes, among other tweaks. Finally, to make all this go (you'll need to update it to connect to the new Windows 8 app, as our own Sean Cooper found out) the media server gains a series of fixes, plus a speed boost on some DLNA streaming, searching for music by album and the necessary backend fixes to support Plex/Web's poster upload feature. More improvements are promised later this year, for now just hit the source link for the full list of changes, or check for an update on your platform of choice.

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