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Breakfast Topic: What do you do when you can't play?

Anne Stickney

I can't play WoW. Actually, I take that back -- I can't play anything, at the moment. My computer is messed up, and the culprit seems to be the power supply, which will power everything in a pretty okay fashion as long as I don't do anything that makes the graphics card kick into high gear. The moment I start up a video game, the computer abruptly shuts off. No blue screen, no error warning, just a simple, soft, unsatisfying click as everything goes dark.

I've ordered a new power supply, but what with the holidays I'm still waiting on the thing to get here. And I've had to answer the above question for myself -- what do I do, when I can't play WoW, or Skyrim, or heck even Monkey Island? Well ... I've watched a lot of Netflix for starters, while I organized my closet. And then I tidied up the guest room. And organized the kitchen. And put away the Christmas decorations.

Oh, and the laundry room has never been cleaner than it is at this precise moment.

In fact, I've run out of things to clean. I've gotten caught up on some reading -- managed to finish both Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk by David Sedaris, and The Bill From My Father by Bernard Cooper, both of which I recommend if you're into wry comedic memoirs. I've gotten a bit of writing done, too.

Then I wondered, as I looked around the pretty spotless house and the pile of completed books, what exactly to do next. The power supply won't be here until Friday, it seems. I guess I'll get more writing done, and maybe look at organizing the attic. Or sorting through my DVDs. Or maybe tackling the gigantic pile of blankets my mother acquired over the years and set aside a pile for Goodwill.

What do you do when you can't play? Do you go on a cleaning frenzy? Head out to see a movie or three? Work on projects around the house? Draw some pictures, take some photos, knit something fancy, or otherwise indulge your creative side? Throw me your ideas ... oh, and if you have any Netflix suggestions, I'm all ears. I haven't got much else to do right now, it seems.

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