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My first WoW reader is by the Daily Blink


I'll let you in on a secret: I have a daughter. She's nearly 6 months old and it's only by raw, sheer, unadulterated force of will that every one of my posts on WoW Insider isn't "Look how squishy she is!"

I read to her frequently. And while I'm not necessarily proud of it, River's enjoyed more than a few of the collected works of Chris Metzen. And while the crew at Blizzard spin a heck of a tale, relatively few Azerothian quests really make for great baby reading material.

The crack team at The Daily Blink have rescued me with When I Level Up. With a wry and wonderful sense of humor, When I Level Up is the WoW-themed reader I've been craving. Praising virtue, good spirits, and the inexorable spirit of a child growing up in Azeroth, When I Level Up is truly a treat for the whole family. To The Daily Blink, I tip my hat -- and my Squishy -- to you.

Make sure to go read When I Level Up at The Daily Blink.

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