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    The Brainstormer iPad app provides a cornucopia of ideas for creative minds


    One of the worst things a writer or an artist faces is the dreaded creative block when you can't come up with an idea that drives you to draw or write. One tool to help you get past this blank-canvas state is The Brainstormer iPad app from Tapnik.

    The Brainstormer app is a basic collection of common brain storming lists. The app launches in wheel mode which allows you to spin a wheel and generate a combination of plot/conflict, style/setting and subject/location words. The more adventurous can choose to roll the dice in slot machine mode to get a random mix of words. If you want more than just the classic brainstorming words, you can purchase themed lists like character creator for US$0.99 each or even create your own custom lists or wheels.

    Normally sold for $1.99, The Brainstormer app is available for free for a limited time.

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