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Steam's Holiday Encore Weekend reprises discounts on Dishonored, XCOM and more

Jordan Mallory

Steam's Holiday Encore Weekend has kicked off, and it's essentially the digitally distributed PC gaming equivalent of one of those Top 40 best-of compilation CDs: Now That's What I Call The Best of Steam's 2012 Holiday Sale, Vol. 1.

Running until 1 p.m. Eastern on Monday, January 7, the sale encompasses much of Joystiq's 2012 Game of the Year list, including The Walking Dead, Dishonored and XCOM: Enemy Unknown, as well as a few of our favorite games from last year, such as Skyrim and Saints Row: The Third. There's 24 deals in all, some of which span multiple games in a franchise, like the Batman, Borderlands and Portal sales. We doubt this compilation will see a Vol. 2, however, so best "get while the gettin's good," as our southern grandmothers would have said.

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