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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is completely full of soup

Jordan Mallory

I don't know if any of y'all have noticed or not, but it's pretty much unbearably cold no matter where you are in the entire universe right now. It got up to a balmy 50 degrees today, which is the warmest it's been in the last couple of weeks. I ran around outside for a while, basking in the relative warmth and sunshine, and after getting home from being bailed out of jail for being arrested for public exposure, I was really starting to miss Texas' 80 degree falls.

The strongest, most effective way to combat both cabin fever and seasonable affective disorder is through the consumption of regional soups, which in my case translates to chicken tortilla soup. I can't share the secret family recipe with you guys, obviously, but I can tell you that it involves Velveeta and a bit more opossum than you might expect.

While we all huddle together for warmth, desperately clinging to life and the fires that burn in our hearts, check out our favorite webcomics from last week. Don't forget to vote for your favorite after the break, and feel free to share any soup recipes you may have in the comments. We're all in this together.

Space Race (Awkward Zombie)
It all depends on what you mean by "best"! (Dinosaur Comics)
Conglaturation! (VG Cats)
Puzzling Peril (Hejibits)
Luftballon (Life In Aggro)
Tiick Tock (Brentalfloss: The Comic)
Tomb Jiggler (The Gamer Cat)


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