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Hands-on with Toshiba's new LED Cloud TVs and Media Box with Blu-ray

Ben Drawbaugh

Although a mixer isn't exactly the best place to spend quality time with new TVs and Blu-ray players, we did take advantage of the time with the new hardware that was on display at Toshiba's CES party. We saw a few new Media Boxes with Blu-ray as well as new cloud-connected LED TVs. They all shared a common look and feel, which is part of Toshiba's new corporate design elements. Cloud can, of course, mean just about anything these days, but to Toshiba it means things like network upgradability, peer-to-peer WiFi, Skype, as well as an event calendar and photo album. The slimmer L7300 line and higher includes a wireless keyboard with trackpad, while that is only an accessory on the L4300. We'll have to wait a little longer to learn the price, but everything is set to come out by this summer.

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