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LG's ET83 touchscreen Windows 8 monitor, fingers-on

Brian Heater

We heard about it some time ago and managed to get some fingers on time with LG's new 23-inch Windows 8 optimized monitor at today's CES press conference. It's a nice looking peripheral, for sure. The IPS panel is cocooned by a black bezel, which meets a white shiny plastic rear at its tips. Along the bottom bezel are a number of touchscreen controls, including things like Menu, for adjusting picture quality and the like. The screen sits on a leg with a large hinge for adjusting your viewing angle. Unfortunately, the single leg support shake a bit when you tap the screen, so you're going to want go a bit easy when tapping on those Metro tiles.

All in all, its quite responsive. We were able to tap and slide through the Microsoft UI in a breeze. As long as you're not too aggressive with you're touchscreening, it looks to be a pretty nice compliment to Microsoft's latest desktop operating system.

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