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The Queue: Farmer Nishi, you are awful

Alex Ziebart

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.
It's true, Farmer Nishi is an awful pet trainer. Two low-damage elementals? Bringing a Terrible Turnip into competitive play? Come on, Nishi. Get it together.

@michaelq asked:

You always say 1-60 won't be revisited again. But surely in 2-3 expansions (4-6 years) the story will be irrelevant again?

Well, I won't say it'll never be revisited, but there's far less need to ever do it now. Blizzard isn't particularly concerned with the story being janky -- the story is still janky, even after Cataclysm. Outland and Northrend still don't make sense chronologically. And now Cataclysm already doesn't make any sense chronologically. They will never fix the story unless they update everything every expansion. It can't be done.

The Cataclysm zone updates were more of a gameplay concern. Questing wasn't up to par in classic World of Warcraft. They've learned many lessons over the years that made questing simply better. Some of those things are as simple as making sure you point the player to the next quest hub after they've completed one. The developers have already said they don't feel the same need to update Outland, which says a great deal. They already see Burning Crusade, their first expansion, as a significant improvement in questing flow over what classic World of Warcraft launched with.

They won't update anything due to story irrelevance, only frustrating gameplay that would prove to be a roadbloack to maintaining (and gaining) players.

CateScott22 asked:

what is the best way to level a pet from 1-25 if you already have level 25 battle pets?

Many people have good luck battling the mid-level trainers. Take two level 25 pets and your one low level pet, and fight the trainers in Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. They give a big chunk of XP each. Personally, though, that seems like a whole lot of running around to me. I level my pet of choice to level 8 or so, just high enough that they won't be 1-shot by level 25 pets, then grind a bit on the critters and aquatics in Vale of Eternal Blossoms. You'd think Vale pets would be pretty tough given it's an endgame zone, but they're fairly easy if your 25s play to their weaknesses. You'll be 25 in no time and you'll walk away with some battle-stones.

While you're doing that, hop over to Valley of the Four Winds and battle Farmer Nishi. A pet that's around level 15 or so can survive a round against her pets, and her elementals are pretty weaksauce so you don't need three level 25s to beat her. Beating her with a pet at that level will grant it multiple levels' worth of XP.

@TimWB0216 asked:

the Path of the Titans starts at Ulduar and stretches south through Wyrmrest Temple and to the sea. Where's the rest of it?

In the sea, collapsed in the sundering.

@AeroCross asked:

Why does the Pandaren have this incredible need for brewing (and consuming) beer?

Probably because it's fun.

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