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Nintendo chief describes Wii U sales as 'not bad', says supplies were misjudged at launch

Sharif Sakr

There's almost a gory fascination with watching Wii U sales right now, because we know they're short of the thunderous launch of the original Wii and it's only a question of "by how much?". Nevertheless, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has insisted to Reuters that the Wii U's reception has been "not bad" in terms of hard figures, and that the next-gen console is "selling steadily" even though shelves haven't been depleted like they were with its predecessor. Satoru admits that trying to launch two versions of the console simultaneously was a "challenge" and that quantities weren't balanced quite right, with too few of the premium $350 option and an excess of the $300 model that early adopters didn't much want. Nintendo sales trends have a habit of doing wild things, of course, so like the pension paperwork says: previous performance isn't necessarily an indication of future success.

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