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Breakfast Topic: I think you missed the point

Matthew Rossi

I'm sorry to disagree with Anne, but one of the reasons I got so annoyed when I ran my tauren paladin through Stonetalon was because Garrosh Hellscream so utterly missed the point of all of Saurfang's talks about honor even while he was parroting them back to Krom'gar. Sure, it was great that Garrosh was trying to be honorable, but it's not honorable to murder your subordinate for following your orders, even if he did so in a profoundly dishonorable way. Considering Garrosh has gone on to use some pretty dishonorable tactics himself like trying to channel the Sha into his own troops, was Krom'gar's real crime just being ahead of the curve?

This got me to thinking: did other characters in WoW make similar mistakes? Arthas sure seemed to have some troubles with everything that Uther and Terenas tried to teach him even before that whole Culling of Stratholme business, and there's definitely times I wonder if Anduin Wrynn has perhaps internalized Velen's lessons a little too well. What about you, can you think of anyone who's possibly gotten off message in the game?

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