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CES 2013: Nest updates to version 2, fights for more compatibility


We're big fans of the Nest custom controlled thermostat here at TUAW -- it's a great product that got better last year with an update to version 2. Along with a thinner, updated design and brand-new firmware, the version 2 update also jumped up to be compatible with 95 percent of home HVAC systems, up from around 70 percent for the previous model. Nest was at the CES Digital Experience last night, and talked with us briefly about the new model and how it's coming along.

The version 2 model just became available to the public late last year, and "we're selling lots," the Nest rep said, while declining to provide any more concrete sales numbers. The holiday was apparently a big sales boost for them, and Nest is obviously hoping to see more sales going forward.

There are no new versions of the thermostat planned, so 2013 will see Nest just focusing on the current product, with possibly a few firmware updates and bugfixes coming down the line as the year goes on. Nest is continuing to improve and grow over the next year, and we'll look forward to seeing just what the company is working on next.

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