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Fujifilm updates its ruggedized lineup with FinePix XP60, we go hands-on

Zach Honig

We all love adventure-proof cams, and this week Fujifilm has a new model to toss into the market. The company's updated ruggedized point-and-shoot sports a 16-megapixel CMOS sensor and a 5x, 28-140mm optical zoom lens. There's a 10 fps continuous shooting mode at full resolution (10 frames max) that you can activate with a dedicated Burst Mode button on the top of the camera. The XP60 can capture 60 fps HD video at 1080i, or 240 fps clips at a lower resolution. It's waterproof to 20 feet, shockproof to 5 feet and freeze-proof to 14-degrees Fahrenheit (thanks to its secure housing, the camera is dust-proof as well). Speaking of that protective shell, Fujifilm has updated the door lock with a new even more secure push-and-turn mechanism, to help keep out water for those pool and ocean shots.

We won't be taking this thing to the "beach" during our current trip to Vegas, but we did have a chance to add our fingerprints to that colorful glossy finish. As you might expect, the cameras were a bit heftier than your average point-and-shoot -- a ruggedized design requires some tougher materials, which do add to the weight. The new battery door was easy to pop open, but it still felt secure -- you'll obviously need to keep that tightly sealed when using the XP60 below the surface. We found the design to be attractive, and while the colors may be a bit flashy, the blue and red models should be subtle enough for many casual shooters. You should be able to make your pick come March for $200, but we're ready to hook you up with some close-up shots right now, all of which you'll find in the gallery just below.

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