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The Guild ends season 6 with a sweet farewell

Anne Stickney

If you haven't been keeping up with season 6 of The Guild, you've been missing out. Episode 12 marks the end of the latest season, which followed the exploits of Codex as she traversed the tricky real-life mechanics of working for the company that designed her beloved game. Of course the rest of the Knights of Good featured throughout the season as well, invading the game's HQ and creating even more problems for Codex to solve.

Unlike previous season finales, this one seems to have a note of finality to it. No cliffhangers for the next season, just a fond and heartfelt farewell from Codex, who seems to have finally figured out her life. Is this the end of The Guild? There's been no final word on that as of yet. But the series, launched all the way back in 2007, has become a beloved fixture in and of itself over the years. If this is indeed the end, it will be missed.

Season 6 of The Guild has been running on Geek and Sundry, Felicia Day's premium YouTube channel that hosts a variety of geek-themed programming. You can catch up on all of the episodes from this season on Geek and Sundry's official playlist for season six.

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