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Twitter search improved with 'real-time human computation,' teaches you what trendy hashtags mean


Twitter's pretty often enhancing its microblogging platform by adding plenty of new features, and the latest changes could very well be among the most useful ones. Via its Engineering Blog, Twitter has gone into detail about how it has improved search within its social network, noting that a "real-time computation" system has been built to help "identify search queries as soon as they're trending, send these queries to real humans to be judged, and then incorporate the human annotations into our back-end models." What this means, essentially, is you'll now be able to learn more about what the service's millions (and millions) of users are talking about, helping you discover what the most popular topics are all about -- you know, something like #notimpressed or #tigerblood. The company's blog post is rather thorough on how the search improvements work, so be sure to hit the source link below if you'd like to learn a little more about the recent tweaks.

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