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Spotted: the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook with a 1080p display and improved color gamut


Earlier this week Dell announced it plans to offer its XPS 13 Ultrabook with a 1080p display -- a big improvement over the current 1,366 x 768 resolution. We got a chance to see it in person here at CES, and as you'd imagine it's much crisper than the panel on the original model. You might also notice the colors are a bit more stunning. Well, there's a reason for that: in addition to cranking the pixel density, Dell also increased the color gamut from 45 percent to 72 percent -- something the company didn't initially mention. To clarify, that change in color gamut only applies to the 1080p panel, so it's not like you can buy it with 1,366 x 768 resolution and still expect the colors to be enhanced. Dell has said the new higher-res XPS 13 will be available later this month, and the starting price for that model will be $1,299 (compared with $999 for the standard-res version).

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Sarah Silbert contributed to this report.

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