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DarkCryo clarifies Fox's 'well wishes' for Firefly Universe Online, dispels hoax allegations

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Not too long ago, we told you about how Firefly Universe Online, a project by DarkCryo, was kicking things back into gear after receiving Fox Entertainments "well wishes." Shortly after that, rumors that the news was a hoax started circulating. DarkCryo has clarified the whole issue, however, which will hopefully put those rumors to rest.
During our conference calls we were essentially asking how close to the line we are allowed to tread and still maintain a positive, open comm link with Fox Legal. We've never received a C&D, and don't want one. We gave scenarios, and Fox Legal was generous enough to give us specifics on what they perceived to be derivative. So long as we maintain this fine line, Fox Legal stated that "of course" we can proceed, and that they "wish us well".

When we stated 'well wishes', we were simply alleviating people's fear that - no matter what DarkCryo does-it will be 'shut down.' We know now how to avoid this scenario, and should no longer be an issue.
FUO was scheduled for a Kickstarter campaign in the not-too-distant future, which "may have to be postponed indefinitely" in response to the recent drama. If that Kickstarter secures funding in a timely manner, DarkCryo will be aiming for an alpha release in winter of 2013.

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