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Exposing Kevin Russ, 'the iPhone's Ansel Adams'

The Atlantic has an article up about Kevin Russ, a prolific and popular nature photographer who has amassed a significant following with his haunting photos of the American West. While the content of Russ's still-life snaps has garnered much attention, so has his camera of choice: the iPhone. The photographer says he prefers the phone because it allows him to snap, edit and shoot on one device.

Russ takes all his shots using his iPhone 5, mostly in the default Camera app before importing them into apps including VSCO Cam and Afterglo for editing. He then shares the pictures on Instagram -- where he has some 13,000 followers -- and via his Tumblr. Videographer Max Monty has created an interview with Russ, where the photographer explains his process, and released it via Vimeo.

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