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Ghostcrawler: Not all things datamined will be in patch 5.2

Adam Holisky
In what could potentially be filed under the "duh" category, but still something that has to be mentioned just about every time any datamining news comes out, Ghostcrawler makes it crystal clear as to what to take away from the recent waves of datamined info:
Including things in the PTR and game files that are not present is an age old tradition at Blizzard. The Emerald Dream and Hellfire were in the game files in extremely early development form for ages. As were never released battlegrounds and crazy spells.

Patches tend to get things that don't make much sense to us when we're looking at them from the outside in. On Blizzard's end they must make some sense, although it does seem the amount of seemingly useless data (for lack of a better phrase) has decreased over the last few years. But then again, how do we know it's useless? We don't.

Bottom line, a good reminder from top to bottom that you shouldn't read into datamined stuff very much.

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