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Patch 5.2: Raid Finder item level not set in stone


In another example of "this is just the PTR," Nethaera notes that the item level for the next tier in the raid finder is not set in stone yet. We've seen Blizzard fluctuate on the iLevel requirements for LFR before, and we're likely to see it again.

This is important figure to watch for many people because the iLevel on the PTR's LFR would be unreachable at release for a bit. On the PTR you need an iLevel of 486 to enter LFR, while the current LFR only drops 483 gear. That three point gap would need to be made up with normal raid gear, some crafted gear, upgraded items, or valor gear -- all of which are not necessarily accessible to everyone (yes, they might be for you and your friends, but remember, WoW is huge and there's people that only do LFR).

Neth's brief statement is as follows:

I think you've hit the nail on the head by saying it's a PTR. That's the most important thing to remember. We'll do our best to keep you informed on where we end up with the item level for the Raid Finder when we can.

One additional way the inevitable iLevel jump to the new LFR will be softened is through increased drop rates on the current tier of LFR, which Ghostcrawler let us know yesterday will be happening. Will it be enough to not make the gear grind terrible, if not impossible? Probably, although this is one of those things that the only real way to tell is when the data is there from the live servers, and millions of players are trying things out.

Either way, Blizzard is keeping an eye on things, and they're quite flexible -- so don't take the PTR for more than what it is; a test realm.

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