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Peter Gabriel brings remixing to the masses with MusicTiles for iOS

Zachary Lutz

Neil Young already had a go at changing the music world, but now it's Peter Gabriel's turn to mix up the scene. The acclaimed artist has introduced a new app known as MusicTiles, which allows users to create and share remixes of their favorite tunes with a simple tile interface. Each tile represents a basic element of the song -- be it a guitar track, drums or vocals -- which can then be blended together with other elements. Users can then manipulate the effects and timing of the individual components by placing them in different arrangements. MusicTiles costs $2.99 and is available today for the iPad and iPhone. Once the app is downloaded, users can then make in-app purchases of songs and albums.

The app's creators suggest that any professionally produced song can be transformed into the MusicTiles format. Artists need only to submit the master stems of their work. You'll find a demo of the app after the break, which reveals some of the remix possibilities for Peter Gabriel's hit "Sledgehammer". This is the new stuff, indeed.

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